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Well last week turned out to be one of the busiest Daniels Fitness Training has ever had.  I have to admit its a constant challenge and rewarding activity to organize and operate your own training studio!  Last week was filled with new inquiries and clients.  The  AC is working wonderfully,  ( compared to the last wednesday when it went down and wasnt too pleasant in 83-87 degree heat!)  and LAtonia is buzzing again due to school being back in session.  People are always passing and looking into the windows at the swinging bells, waving ropes and people slamming sandballs. It never fails  to have a few people walking by with a “WHAT THe…???”   face on.   Last monday and friday were  the busiest days ever.   Weve been getting referrals from a great chiropractors office near us ( Dr Robert Reeves)  and i have also begun to have him give me some much needed therapy for my repetitive injuries and bike crashes.    Weve had visitors from as far as Nashville TN to stop by and learn how to train with Kbells properly.  Also a highlight of the week (as always )  was when my good friend Erin Rhoades stopped by Thurs and Fri  for  some  SHOULDER SLAUGHTER and LEG BLASTING.  She brought along friends Rachel Fazzalaro  ( whom i have to say her shoulders and upper body are well on their way to making it into figure competitor look, way to go!)  and Melissa Matson and Johnnie Douglas of Keep It Tight I  had a great time showing everyone   kettlebell,  battling  rope and TRX suspension training .   ( you can find more info and purchase on the above by clicking on the links)

WE WILL SOON BE OFFERING YOGA AND PILATES CLASSES AT SWING THIS!!!    send a comment for times youd be interested in.   This is what i like about having such a versatile space.  No machines means NO PROBLEMS for change.

Kettlebell class?   lets go.  Yoga time?  move the bells to the outside and now you have a open floor!

UPCOMING  TRAINING PRODUCTS >   be on the lookout for

  • TRX training
  • INDIAN CLUBS   for shoulder mobility ( available  in studio tomorrow!)
  • MORE KETTLEBELLS !   competition style of course.
  • Guest Speakers…… to be announced soon.
  • and MORE!

So dont be afraid to try something new.  Challenge your body to make it change.  We may just have the ticket to shock your body through the plateau you may be facing.  Even once a week Kettlebell and rope training can incredibly change your whole body strength and coordination for a bodybuilder or physically demanding job.  Were here when you’re ready.

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Til next time,

thank you all!

Joe Daniels and Swing This Kettlebell Studio.


Well  last friday was the second figure friday at Swing This.   The Stars of the Show this time were Rachel Ecklar Fazzalaro , Alicia Drew and my good buddy Erin Rhoades for whom this workout was named. It was a grueling back workout consisting of

  • kettlebell pullovers, ab/ lat powerwheels, sandball slams
  • Kettlebell swings, wide grip elevated leg pullups.
  • double kettlebell highpulls, cross body band rows for rear delts
  • renegade rows
  • tabata ropes, tabata wave rowers and  battling rope pullthroughs

Finished off with a Sushi refeed meal at Miyako.

What a great day, these ladies really pushed themselves and i hear are pretty sore still…..  check my youtube page for some videos of   Takin the Back Rhoades.     check her out at     her website

i dont want to keep you from eating your delicious nut butters but i want to bring something to your attention.  its best to store and eat foods that are fatty or oily in  glass jars or  containers.  Soft plastic containers have proven estrogenic chemicals  that can leach into and be held  in the fatty acids.  most peanut butters are packaged in plastic.  shoot for  buying peanut butter and oils in glass jars.  Also if you water smells like plastic dont drink it.  try not to microwave anything in plastic. especially if it is fatty or  oily.   Estrogenic compounds from plastics and other pesticides, herbicides sources can wreak havoc on trying to get rid of stubborn fat.   Make sure your plastic water bottles are BPA free.

stick with glass for your PB!!!!

OK . let just say it. if you get easily offended, do NOT read this.

After that cautionary statement, let me proceed…..  This sunday morning I woke up to read a little bit of a book on hormones and nutrition.( yeah fun i know)  as i was reading it I realized that it was getting close to 8 am and  Have a long standing client at 9am at Body Shape gym usually every sunday. I texted the client but never recieved  a  response.   It looked as it was going to pour down rain so i quickly started to leash up my dogs and go for a quick walk so they could eliminate before the rain.   3 min into the walk it i could see the down pour 50 feet ahead and closing in. Mind you i am in sandals and a grey Swing This  T shirt. Probably the best  gear to be in a thunderstorm in….

As the rain drenched me it ran through my head that i probably wasnt going to enjoy mountain biking for a quick hour this morning.  So dog elimination successful, i decided to drive to the gym to be there for the client that i did NOT recieve a text from just in case cuz thats just how i am. So i get to the gym No client, not problem its sunday morning( lets call it Rainday for this morning)  and i start doing a little Foam rolling and  joint mobility exercises with Tony the owner and the Indian clubs that he has.  Gloomy day outside and im really waking up feeling the increased motion and bloodflow in my shoulders . All this is on an empty stomach for a reason but ill get into that later…  Pick up a light kettlebell and start doing a little cardio work .This turns into a bit of juggling basics with a 12 kg bell.  Tony and i start talking  about the fact that there is but ONE PERSON besides ourselves working out. and im not even gonna count that considering he does the SAME THING EVERYTIME HES IN THE GYM.   Usually theres several people working out.  AND THEY NEED TO.  But today no one.  is it because of the rain and gloomy morning?  There is a reason that people like myself  feel and look the way we do.  ITS BECAUSE WE WORK FOR IT.  not just one to three times per week.  ITS BECAUSE WE LIVE ACTIVE LIVES EVERY DAY.  And im not talking about walking around everyday and playing with the kids or driving from game to game.  YOUR BODY IS USED TO THAT .  YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOUR BODY WANT TO CHANGE. get off the damn treadmill and and pick up something. push it pull it swing it throw it slam it .  try to break it!.  get your hormones raging .  Do you think  our ancestors were 3-400 pounds trudgin through the forest to catch a wild boar??  NO.   That wild boar would make a meal out of your leg before you had a chance to move.   Come on people use more energy than you take in.  and not just for a few weeks or months.  KEEP AT it.

Quit complaining that its too hot or cold. its a gym you should be sweating. its good for you.

weve become too reliant on being comfortable. and thats just what your body is now. its comfortable at the state its in.   Dont say that you are trying your best to lose fat and your laying next to the pool under an umbrella with a vampire book…  get in and swim.  then read.  then swim again.  read. SWIM AGAIN. Do you have a dog?  if so WALK IT . WALK IT AGAIN .  what about kids?  PLAY OUTSIDe WITH THEM BEFORE THEY ARE IN YOUR SHOES AT 14!!!!!      and if i see one more person  texting during REST PERIODS on and AB CRUNCH MACHINE im going to get SICK  AND MAKE SURE IM WALKING PAST THE DAMN CRUNCH MACHINE WHEN IT HAPPENS. WHEN I WAS OUT OF SHAPE  AND SMOKING CIGARETTES , EATING CRAP AND FEELING LIKE S&*T  I WENT TO THE GYM AND COPIED  WHAT THE  MOST BADASS PERSON IN THE GYM WAS DOING.

when that wasnt enough  i tried to do it better.  i asked them for help . motivation comes from within and a personal trainer is just a coach who can get you to MOTIVATE YOURSELf. Im sure im gonna lose a few people clients or friends  on this one but the clients that i have and want to work with already train this way.  they do whatever they can to make changes.  Theres a reason that i dont have any machines  at Swing This Studio.


You dont have to be better than anyone else . but if you dont try to better yourself then whats the point of living?

Find someone thats light years ahead of you. read their writings. Follow them. Learn From them . Feed From them , but dont live off their achievements. Achieve for yourself.

I dont idolize any professional athlete. i look up to certain proven achievers.   Mike Mahler , Steve Cotter , Jason Ferruggia  to name a few.   and im sure they will understand when i say this because they are great coaches/trainers. …   I follow them to LEARN  from them   so someday i can forward their thinking  and someday someone can forward mine.    And if this cycle of forward thinking  doesnt continue, then we all might as well lay down and wallow in the oil leaks and mass pollution of our greedy world. .

ps i love most of you  who will read this and i hope it sets a fire under the asses of those who are sitting and waiting for a change.  go out there and make it happen.

and by the way double ps,   this morning after i was done,  i felt  better  from doing something during the rain.  and guess what the sun came out and is shining as i type this.   so guess what else?  im going to go out and do some landscaping.   LTW!  ( thats LOVE the world)  wake up everyone.